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Ideas for Beach Wedding Photos

Summer is the time for so many things — family gatherings, fun and beaches. Something that can combine all of those elements these days are weddings. Gone are the times when bridal ceremonies had to be held in stuffy churches, guests in fancy clothes fanning themselves with papers and hands in an attempt to fight off the stifling temperatures of the year's dog days.  While the traditional still appeals to many now, there are probably an equal number choosing a different venue. Destination nuptials find couples heading to a tropical beach when the snow flies, or travelling to the shores of waters closer to home in the high season. Not only is an ocean or lake an inspiring setting for such a romantic occasion,  it is also a beautiful backdrop for the photographs. If there was any doubt, let this collection of images prove my point: Beach Wedding Photos

Tips for Protecting Your Camera at the Beach

For people who enjoy photography,  seeing the opportunity for a picture is seldom a problem. But while the eye can behold the potential in virtually any situation some make it easier. There are events and places that beg to be photographed, such as family gatherings, sunsets and waterfalls. Another is the beach. As a shutterbug's subject it is perfection. The landscape is majestic, a vision of changing whims and moods. There is the drama of an overcast sky above crashing waves or the serenity of blue sky meeting calm waters at the horizon.  Whether sandy shores or rocky crags they add to the emotion of the view. It is, of course, not all about still life either, as boats glide over the waters and people play. Yet, shooting pictures at the beach does come with a unique problem. There is probably no other place with the same risk of damaging your photography equipment. The splash of water, spray of sand, and the crush of people could prove rather hazardous to your camera'

Tips for Better Beach Photos

Since giving up our family vacation place several years ago,  it's strange how very little time we have spent at the lake.  For a long time we lived there each and every summer, enjoying long leisurely afternoons beside the cool water and on warm sands.  It was a blessed time that filled the memory book with lovely images of family fun and beautiful landscapes. As those days were all about lazy hours swimming and sunbathing I didn't often think to take my camera with me. Besides the concern of water and sand being an issue, it was also just one more thing to lug along with towels, books, lotions, snacks and beach chairs.  Something had to be left behind and as everything else seemed necessary, it was typically the camera. Add into that the fact that it wasn't quite as much a part of me as it is these days, and sadly some golden moments were missed. There are a few photographs of our children and their pack of friends playing in the sand and surf, a few of social gathe

3 Great Collections of Beach Clipart

Life,  to play with a familiar phrase, is a beach. At least in the summer. When you live in the northern hemisphere, there's nothing that exemplifies the good living offered by summertime as much as the sandy shores and coastal waters.  It is life at its best, with all the good feelings and images that go with it  — the soothing sensation of warm sand on bare feet,  sunshine melting away aches and pains, the joyful sound of children at play.  I have been one of the lucky ones who for many years spent summers at a lake retreat. Our children enjoyed carefree months running in a pack with friends. My husband and I enjoyed a more relaxing lifestyle.  For all of us, it was lazy starts to mornings, afternoons whiled away on the sand and in the surf, evening walks by the water, friends by the campfire. Memories of life at the beach are clearly a variety of images — rustic cabins and castles in the sand,  curling whitecaps and stunning sunsets,  people at play and people at rest. T