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Great Tips for Car Photography

Another summer weekend is upon us, hours to be filled with all of our favourite outdoor events and activities. There are sandy beaches to sunbathe on, music festivals to enjoy and car shows to attend.

While the first of those was high on the list for my husband and me many years ago, it's more likely now that you'll find us at the latter two.  Nothing says summer to us as much as classic autos and music. 

And what's really nice about most car shows is that they combine both of those elements.  There is something wonderfully perfect about wandering  an automotive museum set up in a spacious field on a bright summer day, listening to oldies blaring through speakers.

Typically, I'm not one of those walking around with a camera, grabbing shots of vehicles owned by people I don't know. But sitting in the little shelter behind our own pride and joy, a shiny red '67 Dodge,  I do tend to be inspired to grab a few photos of 'Artie'. He did, after all, take a lo…

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