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850 Fun Animations of Children

Having given a lot of time this week to kids of all ages and how to photograph them, it seemed a good idea to turn my mind to images. However, thinking of them in terms of static clipart just wasn't working for me. It's the ability of children to look at everything with curiousity, to come at things full of  excitement, to take on life full tilt which makes them such popular subjects for photography. What's probably most wonderful about photographing children is how animated they can be. There is always movement, always ever-changing expressions on beautiful faces. Eyes widen, mouths laugh and moue. In taking pictures of my grandchildren I often find myself distracted by the antics caused by the abandon, by the innocence and wonder which are part and parcel of being a kid. Having settled in to photograph whatever they might be doing,  I will suddenly realize that I have unconsciously lowered the camera to simply watch. Kids are indeed spellbinding. So genuine in the

Tips for Taking Candid Photos of Kids

There's a scene in the terrific movie The Calendar Girls , where the women decide that the difference between the type of photo they'd just taken and a quality project was simple — hire a professional to do the job. When it comes to getting great portraits there's a reason people go to photographers. Good ones can make even a simple head and shoulders shot special.  With technical expertise, experience and no shortage of creativity, they can infuse their work with a quality that even good amateurs can't quite achieve.  They can breathe life into a static image. The walls of my living room are lined with portraits of my children and grandchildren. I appreciate the talent of the photographers who captured these suitable-for-framing poses and after a long day at work enjoy nothing more than to let them welcome me home. And yet, though there is little doubt that the quality doesn't match those of the professionals,  something that I enjoy even more are the rando

Terrific Tips for Photographing Children

No matter what the age group there can be challenges when photographing people. There are the dour visages of the elderly, the stiff grins and self-conscious posing of adults, the vogueing of capricious teens or glumness of moody ones. Contending with children, however, is something else indeed. Newborns, though pliable and generally accommodating to any setting, though photogenic to the nth degree,  need props and lots of ingenuity to bring something new to each shot. Conversely, toddlers, while completely adorable, can be uncooperative and moody.  They can be shy, difficult to coax into a smile or away from their parent. Or, on the flip side, they are boundless energy, difficult to keep in one position for any length of time. Probably one of the least problematic is the pre-schooler — still with an ingenuous charm that's beyond photogenic, but with enough maturity to understand direction. While exuberance is still there in abundance it can be reined in —  not enough to ta

Tips for Newborn Photography

They're wiggly, not particularly accommodating and most certainly don't smile on command.  They don't sit, stand or pose.  Yet, as a photo subject they are without question among the most captivating. Taking pictures of newborn tots is unlike any other type of portraiture. The sitting is dictated by moods, meals and messes. There are cranky faces and dirty diapers to contend with if things aren't timed just exactly right. Yet, we are all so charmed by their beguiling innocence, awed by a presence that reminds us of the miracle of birth, we are desperate to preserve this time for posterity. With the limitations placed on what exactly the newborn can do as far as poses; safe to say they will be lying down; baby photographers stretch their creativity to come up with unique ideas.  Anne Geddes is, if not the first to think outside the box by taking advantage of the newborn's pliability to pose them in flower and fruit costumes,  perhaps the most known and controve

Tutorials for Editing Baby Pictures in Photoshop

The first quarter of the year was off to an exciting start in  our house. Mid-February we welcomed the first of three grandbabies who would arrive before Victoria Day weekend.  In the weeks since we have so enjoyed getting to know the newest family members, watching them become little people in their own right.  And rarely does this amateur shutterbug let a moment in their company pass without taking a picture. Their parents were my early muses.  My oldest two perhaps didn't get quite the camera attention as their younger counterparts as people in general weren't taking pictures the way they do now. Special occasions,  silly  moments were typically all we thought to capture on film. After all developing those pictures could become quite an expense. Then of course, everyone had to get a Polaroid, which, while appealing to a desire for instant gratification,  did very little for quality. Grainy, dark, off-colour shots became the norm. Thankfully, when my two youngest ar