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2 Photo Collections of Autumn Leaves

One of the nicest moments of my daily walk to work at this time of year, is that one when I turn east down a charming tree-lined street. Rising sun pokes pinpricks of beaming light through the dewy leaves, now turning vibrant shades of red, orange and gold. It is, as I've heard said,  pretty as a picture. I really can't think of a more positive way to start the day. While a lot of the credit for the spectacle must go to the cheery sunlight, there's little doubt that it wouldn't be the same without the beautiful foliage causing refracted rays to bounce through the shady canopy. Autumn leaves are what makes this particular season what it is. The depth and range of the colours we see are a seasonal treat. So for today's collections from and I've  tried to find as many photographs as I could that give credit where credit is due, to the leaves themselves, not the countryside, not nearby buildings or people. Enjoy the beauty. Photos o

Free Autumn Leaf Photoshop Brushes

When it comes to creating a project with images I am fairly content that my talents can at least produce a passable design. Taking an illustration or photograph and adding text in an aesthetically pleasing way is about as far as I've taken my Photoshop abilities, though. There are so many features available in the software that I'm a tad chagrined to admit I've never utilized most of them. Perhaps I can put it down to my less than adventurous spirit.  I have a tendency to stick to what I know, to go with the familiar. I'm always intrigued, however, by how things are done. As a result I'm gradually becoming more interested in at least knowing the what and how, even if I'm not ready to give it a try myself. Familiar with the basic brush tools I was curious then about the other brushes available. Having read that an important part of helping users improve upon the work they are doing is by upgrading the brushes, and with autumn on the brain, I thought I'

5 Tutorials For Boosting Fall Colours in Photoshop

To paraphrase lyricist Jacques PrĂ©vert, the falling leaves drift by the window and their shades of red and gold are spectacular.  Even more so, however, when they are still clustered overhead creating a colourful canopy of brilliant foliage. For photographers, autumn provides an opportunity for lovely landscape shots and a beautiful backdrop for portraits.  The vibrant hues when in first glow are nature's grandest statement.  They are an inducement to grab a camera and head to the countryside.  As it is with any type of photograph, however, doing them justice does require some technical expertise.  And even the best don't always come out quite as vivid as you remember them being when you were standing in awe at their impressive spectacle. Enter Photoshop, and the ability nowadays to make even the dreariest picture pop. Here are some tips from a variety of sources on how to get the most out of your autumn leaf photography, after the fact: Enhancing Fall Colours in Phot

754 Awesome Autumn Leaf Animations

"Time does not pass, it continues," says author Marty Rubin. It does indeed move on, no matter how much we would like it to slow down. There's little doubt, however, that the majority of us, while somewhat overwhelmed by the speed with which time travels forth,  are happy to be part of the continuance. Autumn, of all of the seasons, is the one that best exemplifies to me this feeling of time passing. There is something in the leaves which compels me to accept that another year is moving on.  Winter we tolerate, spring we anticipate, summer we enjoy. But in autumn change transforms mood. We find pleasure first in their changing colours, then look on with a degree of sadness as they fade and fall. Keeping in mind the idea of motion and time as it continues, it seemed appropriate to post this collection of autumn leaf images from  AnimationFactory .  It includes everything you might need for projects from clipart, to PowerPoint and HD video backgrounds.

Lovely Autumn Leaves Illustrations

Nothing says autumn like the changing leaves.  Just overnight they seemed to have begun their transformation from the rich verdant hue we enjoy sitting beneath on muggy summer days, to the bold shades of crimson, gold and orange that enliven treetops before saying their final farewell. You don't have to be a fan of fall to appreciate the beauty of the foliage at this time of year. Bundle up against the new chill wind and you can soon lose yourself the spectacle. Walks through the countryside and woods are the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and the new palette that's been created. It's fun to kick through the leaves, hearing the rustle of the freshly-fallen, the crunch of those long gone. Adults might not always appreciate the foliage's demise, but for youngsters autumn leaves provide hours of outdoor fun as they flop into, and hide under, the raked piles. It's a pretty time,  a fun time, advantageous when you are in need of images for an autumn-themed p