Friday, October 31, 2014

600 Wonderful Food Animations

Being alive is about movement and vitality.  What excites us most in the people we are around are energy and personality.

But let's face it. While static can be boring in people, there are things in this world that we don't want to see moving.  Food for instance.  Unless you're on a reality show, living in some uncivilized country, or find yourself lost in the wilderness,  the food you choose will be as inanimate as Grandpa after Thanksgiving turkey.

There are times of course, when bringing a static image to life is all about entertainment. Just as a person full of energy attracts your attention, in web design and emails animations provide a unique level of visual interest.

Given that food has been the theme of this week's missives,  and that typically I reserve one day for finding animations to suit, I recognized that there were many businesses, from restaurants and bakeries, to groceries and gourmet speciality shops, looking for food on the move.

These wonderful images from AnimationFactory put food into action.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tips for Taking Great Food Photos

One of the things we often talked about at the newspaper where I worked up until a few years ago, was how nice it would be to have an on-site photography studio. It wasn't a frequent need, but on the occasions when it would have been useful, it was sorely missed. 

For example, candidates coming in for mug shots were guided to the nearest blank wall, which in our crowded office wasn't easy to find. It was generally in the middle of the action somewhere, which certainly didn't help the subject from feeling a little self-conscious as office staff went about their business.

Isolating a still life against a white background involved a great deal of prep work with blank papers propped against books and a step ladder for us to take our camera and rise above it all. Poor lighting challenged us to lose the shadows.

The ad department in particular felt the need most, as they often wanted a photo of merchandise from a particular business for the comp department to use in a promotion. It generally fell to editorial staff to take the shot, and one of the subjects that challenged our writers with cameras to do well was food.  Oh, we could deal with composition, and setup.  But it's not enough.

If being a food photographer is something that interests you, you'll have to keep in mind that the end result has to entice. It should be as appetizing, perhaps even more so, than the real thing.  To get started check out these great resources for helpful tips:

Digital Photography School's Introduction to Food Photography

8 Tips for Taking Picture Perfect Food Photos

Take a Perfect Food Photo

Digital Photography School Tips to Take Mouth-Watering Images

How to Photograph Food

Nikon's Tips for Taking Tempting Food Photos

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hundreds of Delectable Dessert Photos

I can't help myself.  The Halloween treats are sitting on the counter ready for Friday's action. The countdown to Christmas will begin soon afterward, and with it the planning to get all of the baking done between regular working hours.

Food is therefore on my mind, and while I know at this point in my life all thoughts should be on eating well – less sugar, fewer carbs, and more and more fruits, vegetables and proteins, I do love junk.

I am cognizant of the power of leafy greens, of the anti-oxidant value in certain berries.  I know that a Mediterranean diet is good for my heart, that fewer desserts are better for, well, just about everything.

But I am my father's daughter, the man with the sweetest tooth in history and a cast-iron stomach for all things bad for you. Through 90 years he enjoyed pretty much any food you put in front of him and savoured every bit of it — especially desserts.  A plate of Christmas cookies didn't stand a chance in his presence.

Granted, he was one of the lucky ones, able to indulge his cravings with little effect to his health. And I, who inherited that sweet tooth of his,  can only hope that I got a few of the other genes as well.

So, not that I mean to lead anyone into temptation or anything,  but with yummy treats on my mind these days,  it seemed appropriate to share some of those images with you. Enjoy these delectable photo collections from and Acclaim Images

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dozens of Awesome Photoshop Food Tutorials

Have you ever chosen a restaurant because of the images in a promotion or advertisement? Have you ever ordered a dessert you really didn't need because it was so enticingly scrumptious looking in the photo on the menu?  Have you ever needed an illustration for a food event and couldn't find anything appealing so decided to create your own?

We are all interested in food, whether it's for personal consumption or for business. And there's probably nothing else that needs to look so completely appealing for it to achieve the end result you are looking for.  As the owner of a restaurant, grocery, bakery, etc. the image you use to promote your product must be tempting.  From contrast to colour,  presentation is everything.

The same is true of the artist or photographer creating that temptation. There was video a brief while back showing how a popular fast food chain made the photos of their products more appetizing than the real things. It is that that must be achieved whether the medium is photography or illustrations.

While a talented photographer can get the results without tweaking,  technology has ensured that even a less than stellar effort can be enhanced. Here then are some links to tutorials for improving your food photos with Photoshop:

Photoshop for Food Photography and the Perfect Pumpkin Pie

The Two Most Important Tools for Food Photographers

Edit Food Photos in Photoshop

Or if  beautiful illustrations are your thing there is no shortage of step-by-step instructions for creating everything from soup to nuts with Photoshop. Take a look at these terrific tutorials:

50 Tremendous Photoshop Food Tutorials

35 Best Photoshop Food Tutorials

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hundreds of Healthy Food Illustrations

This time of year it seems I have food on the brain. First there was Thanksgiving, with all of its fixings, held annually as a celebration of all of life's blessings, among them the bounty of a rich and abundant harvest.

As well, there are several family birthdays in this season, which, are, of course, accompanied by munchies, dinners out and cake to honour the special celebrants. 

Halloween rounds out October with accumulations of decadent chocolate and sugary sweet treats. When they were young, our  kids' haul was eagerly anticipated by my husband, who saw it as the perfect opportunity to teach them the importance of sharing.  Now, with babies long grown, the best he can do is hope that we bought enough to outlast the trick-or-treating, leaving him with plenty of leftovers.

Finally, over the course of the next few weeks I will start putting my mind to the baking required for our family Christmas and the social activities in the days leading up to it.

So yes, these days I think a lot about food. Sadly, most of it isn't anything all that good for me. As someone who could be happy eating nothing but snack food,  I have to make a concious effort to  eat healthily. 

Which shows exactly how pathetic my eating habits are. After all, it's certainly not as if there aren't plenty of things out there these days encouraging us to choose the right foods. It's not just about a well-balanced diet, plentiful in fruits and vegetables. Today we are educated in what foods help fight disease and contribute to overall health.  And they are all featured in these collections of illustrations: Healthy Foods Health Foods

Acclaim Images Healthy Foods

ClickArt Online Healthy Foods

ClipartGuide Healthy Foods