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6 Clipart Collections Celebrating Hockey

Snow has fallen on our little corner of the world. Thick and heavy it arrived last night to make the morning interesting for commuters and school bus drivers. Actually, even walking was a bit treacherous with a fresh blanket of fluffy white covering slick ice crystals beneath.  My steps therefore, though I was wearing my 'serious' winter boots, were slow and steady. It gave me time to reflect a bit. On this particular day, on the first one of snowfall this season, I looked back to the delight I used to have in winter's arrival when I was younger. Though the plunge into cold and ice meant summer fun had ended, there was still plenty to get excited about. Most notably time spent at our local arena. As a little one, my Saturday and Sunday afternoons were dedicated to skating, a great way to pass a couple of hours with friends. Saturday nights on the other hand were also spent enjoying a winter sport, albeit in front of the television, with Hockey Night in Canada and th

106 Christmas Shopping Photos

Huge plans for this weekend. Well, not what other people might consider huge, but the agenda does involve several of my favourite things. Staying overnight in the city with a good friend, there will be two days of visiting, eating, drinking, relaxing and, of course, Christmas shopping. Not that I have much of the latter left to do. Getting the list checked off early is a practice that began many years ago when I was a young mother. Picking up gifts starting in August meant spreading the cost over several months which seemed to hurt the bank account less. It also ensured that I wasn't one of those parents scrambling at the last minute to find that special toy all the stores had sold out of by the beginning of December.  I might not have waited for any seasonal specials, but I had that Cabbage Patch kid in the closet waiting to make a little girl happy on Christmas morning. The only problem I discovered that first year was a result of the fact that I love to shop. With extra ti

Great Drawing Tutorials

Science, math, they bore me to tears. When they're not freaking me out that is. The terror that struck when I saw the teacher was planning for us to find a numerical answer to a series of letters and symbols was on a par with finding a rat under the bed. (I imagine anyway).  And dissecting a frog, while enough said on that. History and geography are fine, interesting from time to time. But where my talents shine, where I find fascination is in the arts. Whether it's players on a theatrical or a concert stage, I love to watch and listen, appreciating how easy they make something seem that is most definitely not.  I feel the mood of a great photographer's work.  I adore the written word, losing myself between the pages of a great book at every opportunity I can find. My pursuits, likewise, follow these passions.  I like to write, sing and take pictures and occasionally challenge myself still to try and improve my abilities in these fields. For entertainment,  I attend t

4 Collections of Illustrations for the Coffee Lover

Let's meet for a coffee. Care to join me for a coffee? Can I get you a coffee? It's the drink that kicks off our day, that revs our engines and snaps us out of our lethargy. It's perfect for a break, accompanied by a muffin or doughnut, and goes well with dessert to finish off a meal.  But besides being a favoured beverage, coffee's also a social event. It's a reason for people to stop in the middle of a day and meet with a friend. Let's face it, no one ever says, let's get together and have a glass of water, or a pop.  When it comes to daytime socializing, coffee is the 'buzz'word.  And if the opportunity to share time with a friend isn't enough to entice you to the cup of java, the compelling fragrance has to be. There is a store in a nearby urban centre that I love going in because it's aromatic. I have searched for the coffee-scented candles or fragrance diffuser to no avail. It was only after asking that I was learned the secret