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Thousands of Winter Landscape Photos

As Christmas decorating around my house takes a bit of time, I decided last night to get the process started. It was a nice way to pass the evening really. As I moved around the room, setting Santas and snowmen in place with greenery and lights, outside snow drifted past the window and blanketed the trees, roads and yards in a fluffy white cover. Couldn't have been more perfect to get me in the mood for the season. However, this morning was a different story,  as I opened my door to discover that that cover Mother Nature left us with was more like a giant duvet. The snow was up to my calves and higher at the end of my driveway. Areas of town where I walked weren't much better as I ploughed through drifts on sidewalks and plodded across scraped slippery patches. It was most definitely a good cardio workout wending my way to work on this particular morning. Once safely inside the office, however,  it was easier to find the positive again, to see the beauty of the landscape.

Create a Winter Wonderland in Photoshop

It might be a few weeks yet until we reach the solstice, but there's no doubt if you are living in some places that winter has arrived.  Buffalo, NY was buried under several feet of snow on Tuesday, while parts of Ontario  suffered through a sudden dump of fluffy, white stuff accompanied by high winds to help push it all around. It's a scene than most of us could probably live without. Yet, there are those for whom nothing but a picture of winter will do. Perhaps it's  a winter wonderland photo they need for an annual Christmas greeting or for a calendar. Many businesses as well prefer images of ice and snow, whether to use for them for promotional material or to set a mood.  For example, ski resorts advertise often before snow arrives; chalets and lodges prefer winter landscapes to grace their walls as a reminder of what there is to enjoy there in the peak season. So if it's pictures of  Old Man Winter you need and you're sitting under a tropical sun, sipping

80 Beautiful Winter Pattern Photos

Late fall has blessed us with its first substantial snowfall the past couple of days. Big fluffy flakes have blanketed the area, transforming the landscape into a clean, monochromatic palette. The construction zone the folks in our village have been living through since June has been obliterated for the time being — an aesthetic bonus, I suppose, but a challenge for walkers as plowing certain areas isn't happening. Plunging through on my walk to work this morning, I did my best to follow in the footsteps of one who had gone before. The pattern created by my predecessor, who it seems was a rather big-footed, long striding gentleman,  was a bit of a meandering path cut through an otherwise plain carpet.  Then, crossing the bridge and glancing down the slope that has become popular with local children for sledding,  I noticed the rolling design created by dips and drifts formed by yesterday's high winds. Walking up the road, past one of the grand old maples lining the street,

Tips for Winter Macro Photography

I come from the land of ice and snow and for a person who likes seeing her world through the lens of a camera it can be a pretty amazing place to live.  With sparks of sunlight twinkling on fresh snow,  the landscapes here are a thing of beauty on their own, whether open and spacious farmers' fields or scenic woodlots. But add in the patterns of winter — footprints cutting a path through an otherwise pristine white carpet, glistening frost on a windowpane, icicles hanging from frosty eaves — and subjects for shutterbugs ready to brave the elements for pretty pictures are many. Another way to look at winter is close up. The opportunities for great macro shots are abundant. While that row of icicles gracing your home can be photogenic, zooming in on one can be visually interesting in itself.  Perhaps too, you might want to take a new look at those icy puddles in the driveway or at a single leaf frozen in time on a small branch. For inspiration and guidance here are some wonde

4 Sources for Beautiful Winter Landscapes

No matter what you feel about winter you have to admit that in its purest form it creates a powerfully beautiful landscape.  There is no lovelier Christmas card than an illustration of a cozy home beside a decorated tree with twinkling lights, stars shining above and a blanket of pristine  snow covering all. One of my favourite times of year to be home is the prelude to Christmas,  when shopping has been done, baking is under control, and the decorations are in place. The house feels warmer somehow with smiling Santas and snowmen hanging out in rooms softly lit by candles nestled amid garlands.  Sitting snuggled in a chair looking out at the winter landscape increases the sense of hominess for me. Even after the festive season and the accompanying accoutrements have been packed away for another year, when all that remains is that cold blanket of white outside the window,  there is something oddly comforting about peering out the window at a snowy landscape while cocooned indoors