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3 Collections of Images for Your Christmas Greetings

One of the nice things about the various options for safely accessing illustrations and photos online is that they are no longer just a resource for those with big budgets but for small businesses and even moms and pops too.  This means that where once certain requirements, such as promotions, business cards or invitations, were handled commercially, now people can create their own quite simply. With it being the time of year when all thoughts and deeds focus around Christmas, one of the holiday customs where this is appropriate would be the greeting card. While the option of sending electronic messages has some people moving away from the traditional physical mailing,  there are still people on the contact list who might not, though it's hard to believe, own a computer. Creating a few cards for them can be done lickety-split There are many tutorials online to show you how it's done, but the starting point to achieve it with minimal effort is a great festive background fr

8 CorelDRAW Tutorials for Creating Christmas Greeting Cards

To paraphrase a popular idiom, one man's notion of junk is another man's idea of perfection. In our commercial world people have their brand favourites. When you believe profoundly in the merits of a particular product, it can be confounding to see people dedicated to the use of a rival.  My husband, for example, has never, when it comes to cars, owned anything but a Mopar. Yet, while he can provide a litany of reasons why other brands don't measure up,  other  folks  do the same about the Chrysler family. Our reasons for preferring one brand over another often has more to do with our specific needs and wants than about what the product can do. Let's face it, generally a car is a car is a car. For me, something reliable with the necessary bells and whistles to improve my driving experience is what I look for. Well, that and a Chrysler because after 35 years I'm a bit brainwashed. How that romance began for my husband involved the same things I appreciate, bu

9 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Creating Christmas Cards

When we think of image editing the first name to come to mind will quite likely be Photoshop. It was introduced to me partway through my time as editor of a small community newspaper, and staff from editorial to advertising and production soon realized that it was transforming the way we had done business for the better. My dodge, burn and flash days in the darkroom were over; instead I sat at my computer and played. Why 'played'  is because with deadlines and a publication date to meet, we received no more education than was necessary when meeting a new piece of equipment or program.  The basics, no more, no less. The rest we learned as we went. Which in the case of the editorial department amounted to not much more than we needed to get by. I could take an image or photo, crop it, tweak it a bit, erase a little something and take away the colour. There were so, so many times, however, when I wished there was an easier way to do some changes. Working totally with JPGs

How To Create a Christmas Card in GIMP

For more than two decades I worked as editor of a community newspaper. During that time the way the publishing world did business evolved significantly. To begin, a few years after I took the position we transitioned from electric typewriters and typesetters to computers.  As we updated the latter we eventually moved from light tables to computers for layout. The literal cut and paste practice of the advertising department disappeared too, and the big clipart books of old were replaced with a subscription  to an online service where content was accessed by the production department for the designs. With the advent of digital cameras, the darkroom became obsolete and the job of getting photos ready for each week's edition was also done in front of a computer with Photoshop. As a result, while I became not exactly proficient in the use of the image editing software, I am certainly familiar with it. Enough that I recognize its value. Being able to use it at work in my off hours