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6 Adorable 12 Days of Christmas Image Collections

"On the first day of Christmas... " Digging deep into the memory bank, I recall looking once upon a time at a book full of illustrated Christmas music. Though my recollection is vague, I believe it was owned by one of my grandparents. What I do see in nostalgic reflection is a mini me with legs dangling down from the couch and a large book across my lap. Knowing what kind of child I was then I'm sure hours were passed in this way, leafing through the pages, singing the tunes and looking at the beautiful pictures. Music and reading have always  been two of my favourite things. When I was too small to read lyrics, then I have to assume that  the pictures helped me know which song to sing. And looking back in memory I see too that they were colourful, lively images.  Some are clearer than others to me now, some are completely forgotten, Yet, while the picturesque scene of a horse-drawn sleigh slicing through the sparkling white of winter snow that depicted Jingle Bel