Changing the Colour of Cupid's Clothes in Photoshop

The warmth of the Christmas season is a memory. Yet, while we sit in the dead of winter, suffering cold and snow, there is a bright spot on the horizon.  In just less than a month, the romance of Valentine's Day will be upon us.

So in looking for something to chat about today I decided to try my hand at some Photoshop fun with a great image from

A subscription to this site allows you to download as many images as you need to use in your projects, provided those projects fit into the company's terms of use. In this case, my plan was for nothing more than to put a different spin on one of their great Valentine illustrations, which I might then print off, a totally acceptable usage.

Having chosen image #179284  I decided to play with the colour of cupid's clothes, as I thought a livelier shade of red might be fun. Opening the image in the program,  I selected the Magic Wand tool and clicked on the tunic, then set the tolerance to 100 per cent.  With the Paint Bucket Tool, I chose  the colour I wanted and clicked inside the highlighted area. Beyond easy.

Another option for quickly changing a colour is to use  'Edit' > 'Fill'. This was the process I used to alter the shoes, for no other reason than because I could. The end result is the playful image accompanying this blog.   And more results of my playtime will follow in the days leading up to Feb. 14.


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