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I enjoy taking pictures. My focus is generally family first. Then when they're not around or the scenery is spectacular enough to grab my attention away from them for a second or so, nature.

At this point in my life, busy as I am still with gainful employment and few spare hours, my interest in photography is a somewhat passive hobby, one of little investment or educational nurturing. I own what I own and achieve what I can.  While my very nice Canon with its basic lens has  effectively handled the photos of kids and grandkids so far,  flora and fauna has been more of a challenge. As a result I've been thinking a bit about adding a telephoto zoom to my limited equipment.

Spare time these days then is spent researching, comparing and thinking so that when I finally make the decision I feel confident it's been the right one for my needs. Do I require something for low light? How much zoom will do? Does the use justify the price?

Needless to say, there has been a bit of shopping around websites to learn the answer to these and other questions. Which means that besides looking at what I want, I'm discovering a variety of other interesting gadgets, even a few that might be worth future consideration when retirement inspires me to pursue this hobby less passively.

Here is a sampling of what I've discovered:

Gadgets for Photographers

Creative Gadgets for Photography Lovers

Coolest Photography Gadgets

Must Have Gadgets

iPhone Camera Gadgets


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