How to Change a Colour in Photoshop

There is no end to the tutorials one can find on the internet for Photoshop and other image editors. Even people who know just about everything already can learn a trick or two,  able to fearlessly attack any project.

However, for novices, the program and all of the things it's capable of doing, can be a bit intimidating initially. For them, it's best to start simple.

One of the easiest tasks to undertake in Photoshop is changing a colour on an illustration. Not only can it be done in a matter of seconds but there are several methods one can use to do it. One way is to use the Magic Wand tool to select the area you want to change, then with the Paint Bucket pick the colour and click. Or Edit>Fill also works.

For purposes of demonstration today, I've picked another technique, equally effective, perfectly simple. Another bonus is that while it takes a bit longer than the previous two methods, it's rather fun as it does allow your inner child to escape for a time. 

With Valentine's Day less than a month away, images of romance fill my mind, so I have chosen image #431857 from, an online subscription graphics service. While all of the red is perfect for the celebration, I thought it might be nice to highlight the girl a bit more by changing the colour of her dress and the bow in her hair. (The end result is shown above.)

All that was required was to go to the Colour Replacement Tool in the bar at the left, choose a colour, click on the portion to be altered, then scribble like a toddler with a marker and a wall!


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