How to Choose Your First Camera Lens

There's one thing that keeps me sane during the winter — thinking about spring and summer. And one of the biggest mind-wandering fixations is daydreaming about our annual vacation to the gorgeous French River.

This is a place where only the sound of serenity breaks the silence. It's a world without cellphones and internet, television or radio.   It's a restful example of Mother Nature's handiest work, a backdrop to cure the ills caused by the insanity of this fast-paced world in which most of us are living.

Thus it is too, a perfect place for me to hone my photography skills. With virtually no distraction from modern technology,  I am, to pass the time,  at ease to wander the woods and ride the river in search of something beyond my usual family shots. 

The results over the years have generally satisfied me.  Let's face it, the landscape pretty much guarantees success at some level. However, last year I realized that unless I'm going to be content to keep taking the same photos over and over, I will need to up my game. While I have a perfectly nice camera, there are limitations.  For example, there was no way we could get out boat close enough to the majestic crane standing at the water's edge, for me to get the type of photo I was so desperately wanting.

So, with the weeks of winter lessening, it's time to start preparing. A little research turned up helpful information from a variety of sources, for comparison purposes, that  I'd like to share here:

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