How to Shoot Photographs in the Snow

An out-of-town doctor's appointment had me hitting the road early this winter morning. As someone who hangs on to those blankets for as long as she can, hits snooze with precision, carries on a one-sided debate with herself on why she must get up each day,  this was an atypical start for me.

When I headed out,  the sun had yet to poke its head above the horizon so for a time I travelled in quiet darkness. But what a breathtaking sight unfolded as the minutes slipped by. Fortunately, I was heading east so could take in the rising sun in all its splendour. After days of grey and snow, this morning's sky was dawning as clear as a cool mountain stream.

What promise I saw heading to my appointment became a reality as I left the doctor's office, walking into a crisp, clean winter's day, the biting frigidity eased by a glowingly cheerful sun against an azure sky.  Along the return trip I was entranced by the sparkling fields and pristine landscape. It was picture perfect.

For a girl who's been known to slip on to the back of a snowmobile to get some winter landscape photos, the only thought was "Wish I had my camera."

A bright sunny day in winter can give you some beautiful pictures, but it does take a little know how. Here are some helpful pointers:

How to Shoot Photographs in the Snow

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