Hundreds of Glorious Winter Sunset/Sunrise Photos

It's no secret that I detest winter. Everything about it. I abhor the extra time required to bundle up for the great outdoors and the discomfort of being bundled up. I hate walking on ice and driving through blizzards. I despise the cold and damp.

Yet, sometimes when I'm in a forgiving mood, I can see the beauty of the season.  A glimpse out the window when I'm tucked inside, wrapped snugly in a comfy afghan, reveals a world transformed.  Twinkles of sunlight dancing off the snow. The sharp contrast of an azure sky against the black and white of trees and landscape.

Even a snowy day has its own aesthetic interest as flakes swirl and churn, blanketing trees and buildings, while laying a  pristine cover on the ground.

 If you really need a shot in the arm on these frigid winter days, however, try an early morning stroll with the sun making its way from over there to over here. Yesterday, I watched its progress on a road trip and was enthralled,  while this morning a friend braved the sub-sub-zero temperatures to run toward the east and grab some photographs. The results were stunning — a melange of radiant oranges and umbers, hoarfrost and mist.

To prove it, I scoped out some lovely photographs of Mother Nature's most impressive artwork against a background of winter white.

Acclaim Images



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