Ideas to Inspire Music Photography

Well, the weekend is soon upon us — two days and nights to pursue the things you love, whether it be the party life, catching up on household tasks, social times with friends, or quiet time with a good book at home.

Mine is shaping up to be a mixed bag of all of the above. Scheduled are visits with kids and grandchildren, meeting up with old and dear friends,  a few hours dedicated to baking, laundry and other assorted chores, as well as a bit of a date night with my sweetie.

And while we are both becoming more homebody than party animal at this point,  part of this 'date' involves going out to hear our son and his band.  Music, for us,  is always a highlight.

Not to perpetuate a stereotype, but I've often thought it's our German lineage that has contributed to our love of music. Culturally Germany is known as an important musical nation, the birthplace of famous composers, the home of renowned academies and festivals. My husband and I both grew up in households where people played, sang and enjoyed music.  It dominated every facet of our lives, few moments of inactivity not filled with melody.

It's little wonder to me then that as an adult, when I list my hobbies, music is near the top, second only to reading. A distant third is photography. Given that one pleasure is audio and the other entirely visual, it got me wondering how someone might combine the two. Obviously, it's simple enought o take pictures of people playing music, but I was imagining something a little outside the box. Happening upon a rather unique photo recently I decided to take a look at how others have managed this. Here are a few results:

Inspiring Ideas of Music Photography

35 Magical Musical Images Examples of Music Photos


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