Over 2,000 Awesome Zodiac Illustrations

Yoga class had ended and the group had gathered around a table for some ginseng tea and socializing. Relaxed and mellow the mystical vibe continued as discussion centred first around birthstones, then zodiacs.

I am a Libra, the sign represented by balanced scales. It is the adjective here that truly defines the personality. If you believe in this sort of thing. Which I don't. 

Yet, if I'm to be honest I am surprised how well any description of what being a Libra means defines me.  I want balance and harmony. I choose to avoid the storms, but will strive to calm them if I can't miss them.  I appreciate beauty and like to surround myself with it.  As a result I can be hyper-critical of others, moody and a bit of a control freak.

Libras too are known for their grace and elegance. I don't know about that, but I do try my best to be my best on a daily basis. It doesn't matter what others think, but I want to put my best face forward  for me.

So, while I'm fairly certain there's no scientific logic to explain it, while I suspect it's all a bit of  malarkey, it's accurate enough to be just a bit of fun. And as a Libra, I love fun.  There are the knowing looks when you tell someone you're horoscope. There is a glimpse in a newspaper to see how your day is going to pan out. 

And there are the intriguing symbols that represent our birth time in the year.  Here are some great collections of zodiac illustrations from iCLIPART.com, Clipart.com, Acclaim Images and TOONClipart


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