Thousands of Valentine Illustrations

It was grocery shopping day and as I sauntered past the produce, dairy and meat, between the rows of  packaged goods and toiletries, and shivered my way along the frozen food section,  my mind was full of my bare cupboards and what was needed to replenish them. Rounding a corner, however, I was distracted by a display rack.

While not especially eye-catching,  its hues of red and pink, visions of flowers and hearts shouted out a reminder to me that Valentine's Day is only a few short weeks away. 

Now, my sweetie and I might not make a big deal out of this highly-commercial occasion, but we don't ignore it either. A chance to remind ourselves to not take what we have for granted and be a little romantic in this busy world in which we live, is not a bad thing.  It only takes a bit of effort to sign a card and attach it to some chocolates, flowers or, if honey's feeling particularly generous, jewellery.

The starting point is typically finding the 'right' card, the one expressing just the right sentiment and tone. This selection of cards, however,  didn't speak to any of the feelings I have more my guy.  Or if they came close the design held no appeal. It's the reason that I have occasionally taken a little extra effort and simply created my own Valentine.

The starting point for this, of course is always a perfect illustration. A look recently at one of my favourite online subscription graphics services revealed a huge inventory of Valentines. Here is just one collection which I selected because I think it's absolutely adorable:

Some of my other choices for places to find great Valentine images are:

Acclaim Images


ClickArt Online



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