Tips for Taking Great Romantic Photographs

Romance is an important part of any successful relationship. At least it is to my mind.  Finding the time to fit it in, of course, is often easier said than done. Between work schedules, appointments, family, and other social commitments there is very little spare time to dedicate to nurturing the bond between you and the person with whom you have chosen to spend your life.

These thoughts ran through my mind last night as my honey and I finally plopped down in front of the television sometime around the time we probably would have been better served going to sleep. Exhausted, we spent a couple of minutes trying to connect before turning our bleary-eyed gaze to lose ourselves in mindless entertainment. As I stared at the screen, my mind strayed to the daydream of time for a quiet leisurely dinner,  long, meaningful conversation, and being close.

Perhaps it's the fact that we're racing towards Valentine's Day that has my brain wandering down this idealistic path. It is a time when love and romance are everywhere, in images of couples embracing, cards full of hearts and flowers. It's a chosen time for engagements and getaways.

For photographers, whether their work is geared to business or people, it's a time for getting photos that speak to the romantic in all of us. Portrait photographers are called upon for engagement photos, while those who deal more with commercial photography find ways to put romance in the everyday for promotional projects.

If you're looking for insight on how to take romantic pictures here are some tips from a number of online sources:

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