Adobe Illustrator Tips for Beginners

Working in a Photoshop environment for 20 years, never dealing with vector files, the needs of our weekly publication well served by JPGs,  it wasn't until six years ago that I'd even heard of Adobe Illustrator. Please know that this revelation is made with red cheeks.  Content in knowing what I knew and not needing to know more, I admit abashedly that I let myself become inhibited about advancing my image editing knowledge.

Then a change of career came and I was flung from my comfort zone into a world of images, photos and illustrations — a  place where I needed to at least familiarize myself with a lot of different things, including AI.  A believer that old dogs can learn new tricks, albeit perhaps with trepidation, I introduced myself to the program and while I can't say we have become well acquainted, we do enjoy spending time together on occasion. 

It's no surprise, really, given that the first task I took on was to remove a background from an EPS file, which, as everyone knows requires nothing more than the click of a mouse on a layer. "Illustrator,"  I mused, "where have you been all my life?"  From that moment on I knew that while I might never become proficient with AI,  I would  be happy to know what I know and use it when I needed it.

I also know that when it comes to being a novice at these things I'm not alone. So in order to help out other people trying educate themselves about the wonders of Adobe Illustrator I scoped out some tutorials for beginners. Here are some of the results:

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Illustrator 101


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