Images Offer a Glimpse of Spring

Temperatures this past long weekend in the glorious Ontario Canada Snowbelt were deeper than below freezing. It was a bone-grabbing, lung-numbing winter chill that settled inside you and lingered there long after you had entered a heated room.

My husband and I, after attending an evening gathering where a few alcoholic beverages were ingested, decided we'd walk home in the early morning, -30°C hours.  Offers from smarter people for rides were abundant but there was a part of me that wanted to prove this Canuck could handle it.

We did make it, but spent the next hour or so thawing out.

And thinking warm thoughts. In my case many of them focussing on a few months from now, when instead of the bite of Jack Frost, we'll enjoy the kiss of spring's warming sun on our skin, when a late night walk can be a pleasing experience, not a freezing one.

So, in keeping with my thinking ahead to spring musings here are some new this year images on, as well as a great collection from


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