Tips for Better Candid Photos

Maybe I'm just a bit silly, but I love those random challenges that people throw at you on social media sites such as Facebook. Well most of them. After all people  (Hmm.. not to be sexist or anything, but let's be honest. It's typically guys) are capable of trying some pretty dumb things. Consider the drinking challenge that went around.

But what possible harm can come of being asked to state positive things on your feed for five days? Also, can't it be kind of fun to try something which, while not particularly pleasant is also not dangerous, if the cause is right? Think the popular Ice Bucket Challenge that helped raise megabucks to combat ALS.

This week, I was asked to participate in a challenge that requires me to post five pictures which make me smile. Love to. Thanks for asking.

Nothing I enjoy more than digging through my photos and reliving the moments that came with them. And, as many others on Facebook, I am proud to show off my brood, who of course are always the focus of pictures that make me happy. So, though I haven't had any spare time yet to begin this project in earnest, I have been contemplating some photos that might make the cut.

Among those that make me smile the most, are ones that caught a candid expression. I love the unexpected in family photography. It's what makes it fun.

It's not, however,  as easy to do as it appears. Seeing the moment before it happens and being ready to snap that picture, isn't something everyone can do well.  But, with a few pointers we can get better. Here are some great tips to help:

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