Tips for Better iPhone Photography

I have an iPhone and I like it. I have a camera and I like to take pictures. What I don't like is taking pictures with my iPhone.

I have nothing against the technology itself; I've seen plenty of other people's phone photos that are really quite wonderful.  No, the blame is mine.  I haven't  spent a lot of time learning the camera's capabilities and therefore have been less than satisfied with the results when I do snap a quick shot.  There's a lack of clarity, a muddiness to them, that's just not satisfactory.

Therefore, given that I believe in using things to their full potential and that I often don't have my 'real' camera on hand when I need it,  I've decided it's time to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Or at least how I can do better.

With only a few weeks of winter remaining (I am throwing that out to the universe in a hopeful state of mind), and given the challenges presented by this season for photographers,  I thought it might be a good topic with which to begin my training.

I discovered these websites that provide some useful tips —  first on how to perfect my iPhone photography skills, then on how to make my iPhone winter photos picture perfect.

Quick Tips for Better iPhone Photos

iPhone Photography Guide

Brighten and Sharpen Your iPhone Photos

10 Rules for Great iPhone Photography

10 Tips for Taking Great Winter Photos With Your iPhone


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