Tips to Improve Your Food Photography

This weekend, my husband and I are going out to a new restaurant with our son and daughter-in-law.  It's important to me then that I check out their menu online. Besides seeing what is offered, I expect appealing photographs.

Why this matters is because I'm a finicky eater.  When it comes to meals there aren't many foods  I enjoy. I have an intense aversion to a lot of different meats and sadly I'm not a big fan of vegetables either.

Nope, it's  unfortunately dairy and carbs that are my friends. Put cheese, lots of cheese,  on anything and slap it between the top and bottom of a bun and my palate is delighted. Mac and cheese is a staple and a cream sauce on pasta is preferred.  When none of that is available, I continue with my healthy nutritional choices by selecting fried.

Fortunately, good genetics have protected me thus far from the typical ill effects of my pathetic diet. Now middle age has brought wisdom so that I will actually eat foods I don't particularly like because I know I should. However, they need to be visually appealing to entice me.

When designing a restaurant's website or menu it's important that the photos do what the words may not have — make you salivate. A poor quality image won't achieve that result.  Digital Photography School offers useful tips on how to put the tasty in your food photography:


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