138 Charming St. Patrick's Day Images

Several years ago on a whim, I visited a clairvoyant, not because I necessarily believe but rather because I thought it was harmless fun.  Also,  when it comes to things we don't understand, I'm willing to acknowledge that that doesn't mean they aren't real. 

So, there I found myself with open mind and heart,  in a quiet  room, softly glowing candles casting shadows on the wall, while a woman did her best to tell me things about who I am and who I was.

It was the latter that took things on an interesting turn. One of the first things she asked me was if I have anything to do with yarn or wool. I told her I was an avid knitter, and she told me that in a previous life I was an Irish shepherdess, known for my fine wools. 

Well, obviously she can say what she wants. It's not as if I can find someone from that past to confirm it.  Yet it was a bit eerie, given my lifelong obsession with Ireland. To my knowledge anyway, I've never visited,  yet the Emerald Isle has cast a spell on me. The music will set my toes tappin'; images of the cities and countryside give me a sense of home and comfort. 

Even in grade school my fascination with Ireland was obvious. Every celebration as a child is exciting, but I eagerly looked forward to St. Patrick's Day, enthralled by the charming images of shamrocks and leprechauns.

So with just over a week remaining before we raise our mugs of green beer in celebration of all things Irish, here's a favourite collection of images  from iCLIPART.com


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