3 Great Resources for Easter Photos

Any time I'm searching for images for a project, my first instinct will be to look for an adorable illustration of some sort or another.  I love soft and cute,  full of charming children and animals. Then again, most of what I do is for personal use and being taken seriously isn't the point.

Professionals, however, often need an image that presents a more polished look,  and for them photos are the way to go. Though there are certain events or occasions which might automatically lead the mind towards clipart, never discount the possibility of finding photographs in the theme either.  And while it might be polished for which you are going, there's no need to sacrifice cute either.

Take Easter for example. From the religious and inspirational component of the holiday to the tasty treats, from the colourful spring flowers  to the fun of the egg hunt, stock photo sites provide ample possibilities — light-hearted, serious, professional or adorable. Here are just a few collections:



Acclaim Images


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