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"Keep calm and pretend it's not Monday."

Check out any social media site or go on a hunt for memes and you will find no shortage of anti-Monday quotes, jokes and comments.

No matter how much you enjoy your work, there's something about that first day of the week that doesn't really inspire much enthusiasm.  Back to the alarm clock and business as usual, we feel cheated after a taste of two days of lazy starts and unstructured routine.

So, we grudgingly rise from our beds each Monday morning, pretending we're happy to do so. Putting one step before the other we begin the ritual that will be repeated over the next five days, the minutes regimented, no extra duties undertaken as any divergence can upset the fine balance between enough time and running late.

Having taken myself through these steps this morning, once I settled down to work  it came to me that a little humour might be just the thing.  So to try and infuse a little breeziness into your Blue Monday,  here are some of my favourite collections of cartoons from iCLIPART.com

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