Beautiful Examples of Spring Macro Photos

The weather warms, the birds sing, the sun beams. Spring is in the air and for photographers — professionals and wannabes —all of the aforementioned make the idea of moving outdoors with your camera far more appealing. 

The season is a time of renewal and rebirth, which begs shutterbugs to get up close and personal.  Whether nice and tight or macro, moving in on the first brightening blades of grass, dewy moist, on a crisp spring morning gives new meaning to a fresh start.  Putting a nice tight focus on a flower blooming from the rich soil is also a pleasing perspective when seeing a world in the process of awakening.

To prove my point, here are some wonderful examples of spring macro and closeup photography:

Spring Flower Macro Shots

National Geographic Spring Quiver Photos

Spring Flower Macro Photography by Yves Grapin

National Geographic Gold Dust

Acclaim Images


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