Fabulous Easter Fonts

Hippity-Hoppity, Easter is on the way.  Now, there's a holiday that encompasses a lot of different elements, particularly visual.

First, as one of the most significant events on the Christian calendar,  faith is an integral part of the celebration for many people.  It fills our minds with images of  Jesus Christ, from 13 gathered around the table for The Last Supper,  to the crucifixion and resurrection.

We see people in their finest Easter fashion, all shades of joyful spring, as they head to church and family gatherings. Gone are the days of the bonnets and shiny-new, white-patent-leather shoes perhaps,  but attire unequivocally has a fresh and breezy look not seen in recent months.

The commercial side of the season is more of the same with delightful bunnies and cheery chicks, painted eggs and wicker baskets.

When creating festive projects for Easter, such as cards or advertisements,  you don't want any of these images, whether they be of religious significance or adorably commercial,  to be ruined by an inappropriate or ineffective font.   A trip to iCLIPART.com turned up the charming example shown here while a search on the internet uncovered some other options. Here are two examples of what can be found:

Easter Fonts

Easter Fonts


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