How to Backlight Photos

Some of my best pictures have been  mistakes. I mean, I meant to take them but the end result was far better than I had expected because something happened on the technical side of things that was completely unintentional.

Take for example a favourite  photo I shot a decade ago of my grandson exploring on the beach. Let's face it, one of the first rules we're told in photography is to shoot with the sun behind you.  But, as that would have involved me in the water, I opted for another idea. I'd seen backlit photos taken by others so figured I might as well give it a try. With  twilight approaching the sun was hanging low in the sky presenting challenges with lighting and focus. Not sure what else to do I decided it was playtime with settings.

The results were all over the chart, but one stood out. In it, our sweet boy was clear and crisp with a soft halo of white pink lighting him from behind.

Of course, when I made the decision to play with the settings, I never thought to record which was used on which picture. I therefore have  no idea what gave me that one great final result.  Though I've managed a few nice backlit photos since,  not have been as dramatic as that first mistake.

I do intend to keep trying, however, and here are some informative sites to help me improve:

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