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When it comes to images for Easter, clipart sources have something for everyone, for every need. In the Christian world Easter is of course the holiest of celebrations, commemorating the crucifixion and resurrection of  Jesus Christ.

As well, though,  to my mind nothing says spring quite so much as Easter. The pastel hues, the baby chicks, the fluffy bunny all speak to a return of sunshine and light, rebirth and renewal.

Then there's the flowers and traditions — tulips, daffodils and painted eggs giving colour and life to the holiday. 
Looking back to Easters of the past, I, like most children, waited in anticipation for the holiday morning which always meant the acquisition of chocolate treats galore.

Later, as a young mom I took great pleasure in planning the annual egg hunt for my little ones,  all the while praying for the perfect day. What fun it was to be able to take the search outdoors, to watch my kids, wicker baskets in hand, looking through shrubs and grasses, under fences and picnic tables, on the deck and in the planters for the eggs I had decorated.

Easter is a wonderful celebration, alive with so many things. You can find these great illustrations and others which depict it all, at


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