Thousands of Fantastic Easter Bunny Illustrations

Mornings at work  don't exactly begin around the water cooler, but my colleagues and I  do take a few minutes to catch up on our previous evening while settling down at our desks, fresh cup of coffee in hand.

On this particular day the conversation was all about a child losing her first tooth and her mother really losing that tooth before the tooth fairy's arrival.  It prompted a lot of stories about other misadventures we've experienced in our attempts as parents to let our kids believe in a world of magic.

Next weekend another of our favourite mythical characters is scheduled for his annual appearance. The Easter Bunny will hippity-hoppity his way around leaving goodies for little ones and pretty pastel coloured eggs, decorated with swirls and stripes, to find.

American cartoonist and author Lynda Barry has said, "We don't create a fantasy world to escape reality. We create it to be able to stay."  When we outgrow our belief in the simple mythical characters of childhood,  keeping that belief alive for our kids allows us to live vicariously in a world where nothing is unimaginable.

For today then I'm all about the Easter Bunny with these fabulous clipart collections:
Acclaim Images
ClickArt Online


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