10 Tutorials for Making Flowers in Photoshop

A trip around the yard last night was a pleasant reminder of how swiftly spring can bring its pleasantness upon us.  As I enjoyed the gentle warmth I thought about the cool dampness of the previous week and rejoiced that that was then and this was now.

Grass that saw a light dusting of snow just a few days prior is now greening.  Areas of the flowerbeds,  nothing but dark earthiness, suddenly have new life springing up. I am amazed at their speedy progress from sleep to awakening.

Eager for the beauty of spring blooms it's difficult to not have flowers on the mind these days. When we consider promotional materials or other projects for this time of year, it's a pretty sure thing that there will be a flower involved somewhere in the final design.

If it's illustrations you need for these tasks,  there are, of course, a number of resources for safely accessing images, either through the purchase of a subscription or individually.  However, if you have the software, the know how and/or the interest you can always go ahead and create your own.

And if you're not exactly sure where to being, following are a variety of Photoshop flower tutorials to try:

Create a Flowerpot in Photoshop

Make a Flower Bouquet in Photoshop

Flower Power

Creating Leaves and Flowers in Photoshop

Creating a Flower

How to Draw a Nice Flower

Create a Burning Flower Design

Make a Digital Painting of a Rose

Create Beautiful Flowers

How to Make a Realistic Flower


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