120 Lovely Illustrations of Daffodils

Garden centres are opening, cities are blooming and April is a time of fundraising for the Cancer Society.  Now is the time to make promotional projects look and feel like spring.  The best way, of course if with a bevy of seasonal flowers to illustrate them.

I get very excited by the assortment of sprouting beauties in the garden at this time of year. For the next little while there is only a hint of what will become fragrantly intoxicating hyacinths, with tightly bundled clusters just taking shape between sturdy, broad leaves. 

Tulips are reluctantly rising, all verdant green for now. Conversely, the perky daffodils are boldly sprouting, eager to show off their sunny dispositions.

While any of these in full bloom can give aesthetic appeal to mundane text,  given that this is April and the daffodil is the symbol of the Cancer Society, here are some wonderful illustrations of these springtime favourites:




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