3 Swirls and Elements Collections

It's often the little extras that make something special.  It's the icing on the cake, the garnish on the entrée, the matte around the picture.

When working on  projects using clipart,  the embellishments you choose to add to the main image can take your work to the next level. A special frame around it, or decorative element in the corner,  bring style to the simplest design. Even an element on its own can be effective.

My daughter is the queen of design when it comes to cards, invites and the like. She always seems to know when something else is needed and finds the perfect image to finish the project with panache.  The ability to do this is admirable for sure. Yet, while she definitely possesses artistic talent,  she's not an illustrator. For that part of the task she needs the help one can find online with clipart sources. Here are some terrific swirls and elements collections from a number of favourite sites:



ClickArt Online


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