45 Romantic Backgrounds

In a few weeks my honey and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. It hardly seems like any time ago really that we stood in front of family and friends and declared we would stay together through thick and thin.

In our shared life we have raised four terrific kids and sat emotionally side by side as they made the same vow we did those decades ago, to the loves of their lives. While their big days are as memorable to me as my own, so too are the months of preparation leading up to them.  Oddly, in retrospect, mine seemed calmer, but then again I don't believe I put the same kind of pressure on myself as they did. Especially my girls.

From the beginning they had a very clear image of the type of wedding they wanted, right down to the invitations, which would be as much a reflection of their day as every other aspect. Actually,  this piece of stationery makes the first statement about your event so you want it to be perfect. Or at least your version of perfect.

Tastes and styles vary among us. What appears to be a silk purse to one, is a sow's ear to another. So finding something that truly suits you, but will hopefully appeal to others can be a challenge.  Both my girls decided that the only way to ensure  they had done all they could to find that balance was to design their own invitations. The results, having heard comments from more unbiased invitees,  I can safely say achieved both goals.

The starting point for both was to find the perfect background — something that suited the mood of the wedding, their personality, and had lots of aesthetic appeal.  A collection with plenty of variety was the way to begin the search. Here's a random sampling of great romantic backgrounds from iCLIPART.com


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