7 Collections of Beautiful Photos of Mexico

As temperatures start to warm and spring moves towards summer we begin to think of seasons of celebrations and long weekends. Depending on which side of the North American border you live, May will bring Victoria Day or Memorial Day at the end of the month.  July brings the fireworks displays for Canada Day and July 4th.

And on the list goes until the unofficial end of summer with Labour Day.

In between, however, there are events with a little less bravado, such as May Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day.  Kicking everything off, however,  is the marking of an historic event, Cinco de Mayo on May 5, recognized by those of Mexican heritage, and anyone else who enjoys putting a little spice in their cultural experiences.

The anniversary celebrates the Mexican defeat of the powerful French army at Puebla. What makes this particularly significant is the fact that the victors were sadly outnumbered by a well-equipped, undefeated army of 8,000. This day then,  is a source of pride for Mexican Americans and provides an opportunity to honour not just the day but their heritage.

The selected photo collections for today then pay tribute to Mexico as we approach the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration:



National Geographic

Lonely Planet

Budget Travel's Most Beautiful Places in Mexico

Trip Advisor

LA Times


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