Brushing Up on a Photoshop Tool

I have mentioned a few times in these posts that Photoshop and I have been casual acquaintances for ages.  For reasons beyond my understanding though, I've been somewhat reluctant to take our relationship any further.

I was introduced to this software while working as editor of a small community newspaper, shortly after it arrived on the scene.  Making the transition from cut and paste to desktop publishing intimidated at first, but to then throw in this program for producing our photographs was positively formidable.

Once we got past the awkward initial contact, spent a bit of time getting familiar and learned a bit more about the benefits,  though,  it wasn't long before we were hanging out quite a lot together.

Deadlines and schedules, however, guaranteed that what I had come to know about using Photoshop for my purposes was all I was going to know. There just weren't the opportunities to delve into it any further.  After leaving that position, then, my interest in the possibilities increased, but as I don't have the program at home, anything I might come to know about its traits had to happen at work. Yet again this means that time to fritter is, though encouraged, minimal.

But I try.  Most recently I've been gleaning what knowledge I can about brushes.  I've used this tool a tad, but don't fully comprehend the capabilities.  While I know it draws by using strokes to create a shaped mark and offers several options,  I also know I need to understand more.

Photoshop has brush presets already built in, but once you are ready to move beyond the basics, users can add on or create their own.  And this is where what I know stalls.  So, as I'm sure there are plenty of other people still becoming acquainted with the program here's great information about this tool from:


Smashing Magazine


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