Creating and Defining Photoshop Brushes

So you've been 'brushing' up on your Photoshop skills. Literally. You have mastered the brush tool and familiarized yourself with how they work.

Now you'd like to try something new.

First, for those just getting started let's take a minute to talk about preset brushes. As I can't explain it any better than the folks at Photoshop can, here's what they have to say on their Help page about brush presets:

"A preset brush is a saved brush tip with defined characteristics, such as size, shape and hardness. You can save preset brushes with the characteristics you use often. You can also save tool presets for the Brush tool that you can select from the Tool Preset menu in the options bar.

When you change the size, shape or hardness of a preset brush, the change is temporary. The next time you choose that preset, the brush uses its original settings. To make your changes permanent, you need to create a new preset."

Instructions to do this can be found here:

Creating a New Preset Brush in Photoshop

You can learn how to create and define your own Photoshop brushes here:

How to Make Your Own Custom Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Help


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