Over 1,000 Baby Shower Invitation Templates

First comes love ....

As bridal season moves into full swing,  the focus of recent posts here has been on love and marriage with collections of illustrations featured for use in all types of wedding stationery.  

I remember well those starry-eyed days, from my own nuptials 35 years ago to those of my four children. But while weddings, and all the planning around them, are enchanting times,  they are just the beginning. For soon after a couple makes the decision to become one, they usually make the decision to increase the number again.

While having babies isn't for every couple, for most it is the logical next step in their new life.  I know that becoming a mother, times four, has been the highlight of mine. Also,  I've been so grateful to my own brood for the beautiful grandchildren they have brought into my world.

From the incredible moment when the pregnancy is announced to the high of the 'birth' day,  there is something magical in knowing that your family will soon be welcoming a tiny new addition.  It is the evidence of life sustained, of lineage continuing, of course. But it's also the restorative hope revived  by the the innocence and purity of an infant that makes their arrival so significant to people besides the parents.

The biggest recognition of this, particularly with the first child, is the baby shower.  While years ago they were held prior to the baby's arrival in order to  help Mom and Dad get all the preparations in order, these days they are as likely to be hosted following the birth. In this way, the gender of the child is known,  making gift purchases more specific. However, there is an ulterior motive — lots of cuddles with the new bundle of joy, whose attendance at the event is of course, mandatory.

If you're planning an event to welcome Little Mister or Missy,  here's a terrific collection of invitation templates from iCLIPART.com


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