11,000 Photos of Gorgeous Red Roses

Despite the cooler temperatures we've experienced this week,  gardens and flowerbeds are starting to take shape. Strolling up my sidewalk to and from work each day, I can almost hear the plants growing, so noticeable is the progress each morning and evening from the previous inspection.

I don't profess to have a green thumb; flowers in my garden tend to grow in spite of me.  I've accepted that.

However, I am disheartened by my lack of horticultural skills when it comes to roses.  To walk into a well-kept rose garden is to be enchanted. Stunning in appearance, captivating in fragrance,  silky to the touch, this gorgeous bloom is a treat for the senses. 

With a myriad of varieties, tones and hues,  the rose has breeding and history to add to its mystique.  They have been symbols of everything from love to war and their colours are representative of many emotions and themes.  For example, white represents innocence and purity, while pink is for appreciation.

Though my personal favourite is the yellow rose, few would argue that the most striking is the red rose, the symbol of romantic love. As today is Floral Friday, I decided to gather together some photo collections of these garden beauties, which you can see here:

100 Red Roses from iPHOTOS.com

10,806 Red Roses from Clipart.com

413 Red Roses from Acclaim Images


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