373 Gorgeous Flower Photos

This, The Weather Network has promised us, is going to be the best weekend of spring so far. Temperatures balmy, skies clear, everything so perfect you can almost hear the flowers growing.

Gardens in full bloom are as picture perfect as nature can be. Kaleidoscopic blends of stunning colours give aesthetic appeal to yards,  aromatic blooms bring heady fragrance to the air. 

I envy the green thumbs, the horticulturally-inclined capable of not just keeping flowers thriving, but also of knowing how to place them for effect and optimal growing. When I moved to our home 35 years ago, we inherited endless perennial beds, once the pride of the previous owner, now terribly overgrown.  A young working mother at the time,  I couldn't be bothered discerning weeds from the good stuff, pulling, tugging, digging, reading and learning, to understand and maintain the hidden gems. Most were removed in their entirety and seeded over.

Sad now, because they would have been a nice hobby. There's therapy in getting your hands in to the earth, in afternoons spent working with plants, in hours spent quietly surrounded by beautiful blooms.  As I don't see that many in my garden, I thought a featured collection of gorgeous flower photos from iCLIPART.com would be a perfect way to end the week and celebrate Floral Friday.


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