4 Tutorials for Creating Invitations in InDesign

When I stop and think about the fact that we are more than halfway through May,  it seems imperative to find some way to slow things down. The problem, of course, is that once the warm weather arrives life gets busy. And busy means time passes quickly.

At our house, every weekend up until Labour Day has at least one day booked.  The calendar posted on the side of my refrigerator is full of pencil scratches detailing the social events for the season.  The front of the door has magnets holding up invitations to various celebrations and functions.  Including a homemade one for a wedding.

What I love about the homemade invitation is the personal touch. This modest piece of stationery sets the mood for the occasion and there is no better way to convey the right tone than in creating something that reflects your taste and style. 

In previous posts I have sought out plenty of tutorials using Photoshop for this type of project. It is what I know.  A friend, however, proclaims the virtues of InDesign when doing printed items like invitations and brochures. This software is perfect for tasks such as this, she says.  It is where  InDesign rises heads and shoulders above its Photoshop and Illustrator cousins.

So, here then are some tutorials for creating your invitations in InDesign:

Create Beautiful Wedding Invitations With InDesign

Design a Vintage Typographic Wedding Invitation

Create and Invitation in InDesign

Invitation Design in InDesign


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