5 Collections of Vintage Wedding Clipart

Throwback Thursday is a popular trend on social media. It involves the sharing of old photos, combining our narcissistic tendencies with nostalgia.

We are also coming up to the month of June, the traditional time for brides and weddings.

I am a big fan of the former. I love seeing friends' and acquaintances' glimpses of the past,  and also get a big kick out of family photos of the way we were.  Remembering is fun and if you have no memory of the moment, it's still entertaining to see how people looked, the styles and fads.  The images occasionally offer an opportunity to see a loved one long gone as well.

Being a bit of a romantic, however, means I also happen to be a big fan of weddings. While we know when watching the starry-eyed couple exchange vows that their chance of making it is barely 50%, I am ever hopeful.  Pushing cynicism out the church door I, along with other idealists,  share with the newlyweds the joy of the occasion and the belief that love can conquer all.

With today then being Thursday and therefore about all things vintage,  and wedding planning currently the big business,  here are some clipart collections with a focus on both:




Acclaim Images

ClickArt Online


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