9 Photo Collections of Classic Cars

When it comes to travel I have a preference for keeping my feet pretty close to the ground. It's not so much that being up in the air concerns me, it's more the lack of control; when claustrophobia overwhelms, there's no convincing someone I need to get off — now.

In addition, there's being at the mercy of the airlines and no stops along the way. Recalling my trip west some years ago, I'm still feeling the loss of getting from here to there without seeing any of the amazing sights between.

So, no, when and where possible, I will drive or ride. This, and recent holiday photos posted by a family member, have sparked some planning for  fun next year with our son and girlfriend.  The notion of a vacation together with stops at various points of interest took us off into another direction entirely, onto the infamous 'Main Street of America'. What, after all, says road trip more than a journey down Route 66.

Even though interstate highways took their toll on this once well-cruised roadway (how many highways have songs and television shows about them) there are still plenty of points of interest that harken back to the route's glory days.  

We anticipate forging an unforgettable memory here. The only thing to improve upon our excursion is if we could take this tour in our classic car.  Wishful thinking I suppose given the need to keep it out of the rain and the price of fuel, but a girl can dream.  Really, can't you imagine Route 66 seen through the windows of a 1967 Mopar? After all I have found that the world does look different from there.

Pick a favourite classic  from among these photo collections of vintage autos and imagine yourself in the driver's seat for a cruise down memory lane:



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