Calming Photos for Your Monday

Like it or not it's Monday. The weekend is behind us and a five-day work week stretches ahead. While we're all aware that time is marching far too quickly and Friday will be here before we know it, waking up Monday it sure doesn't feel that way.

Settling myself down in front of the computer for a quick check of email and social media as the day dawned, I noticed a post for "The World's most relaxing film", "especially welcome on a Monday". This at first seemed a bit contrary to my way of thinking as Saturday and Sunday should have left us feeling fairly soothed already, right?

But then I remembered that jarring alarm clock that rattled my nerves awake at dawn,  the dash to get ready and the mental tally of all that needed to be done, and realized that something to remind me to take a few moments and breathe probably wasn't a bad idea for getting the week started.

It prompted me too, after arriving at work and beginning my contemplation regarding the topic for today's blog, to centre my thoughts on what type of images tend to calm and soothe us — body, mind and soul. Typically, it's nature, but what in particular depends on each person and what appeals  to them. A quick search of the internet came up with a diverse collection that should make Monday easier for everyone:

27 Photos to Refresh Your Mind

Nature and Calming Music

Calming Beach Photographs

Peace and Quiet Water Photography

Kick Back and Relax With Water Photos

Calming Nature Loops Background


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