Fashion Photos for Summer

Last weekend, heading home after a visit with my son, I decided a little side trip to the mall was in order.  Having taken a scan of the closet a few days prior, it appeared to me that a little freshening of the inventory was imperative.  Not that I ever need an excuse to go shopping, but my weary wardrobe really did seem to be making it a necessity this time.

At least to my eyes.

I was quick to notice that most of the stores had their spring fashions dominating, but cheerful summer clothes were on display too, on racks boasting New Arrivals signs.  Breezy tops, cool sandals, and shorts would soon be pushing out the crop pants and light jackets, relegating them to the sales racks.

Though no reminders to replenish my wardrobe are necessary for any season, retailers are ready to get the word out that the time to think summer is here.  To enhance advertisements and promotions exciting artwork is required. Here's a  photo collection of people doing nothing more than striking a pose on beaches, parks and decks, as well as few of accessories,  that simply holler,  "Here comes summer." :


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