How To Create a Mother's Day Card

Hanging on my bedroom wall is a painting,  a simple flower in summer colours drawn by one of my favourite artists — my grandson when he was about six years old.  Written above this delightfully simple piece of artwork are the words "Happy Mother's Day!"  One of the first things I see after rising, this masterpiece is a bright spot in every morning.

The painting has been in this place for almost a decade now. It reminds me of some other charming Mother's Day offerings that have been tucked away to tug at the heart strings when a moment of nostalgia takes hold.  In a box in my closet are several hand-made cards made by my kids when they were small, adorable little gestures of love with sweet pictures and simple prose.  Though expensive Hallmark greetings are treasured, these first simple ones are most cherished.

So with all of the wonderful resources available to us these days,  wouldn't it be fun to make an adult version of those cards for Mom this year? Online clipart sources supply the images and if you can't come up with a verse on your own, there are also plenty to be found on the internet.

Step-by-step guides on how to put it all together are also easily discovered by searching the web. Or just give the following a try:

Tell Mom You Love Her With an Card

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How to Create a Mother's Day Card in Photoshop

How to Draw a Mother's Day Card in Illustrator


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