Hundreds of Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

While visiting my mother in the nursing home recently, we began a conversation about her wedding photo, taken 71 years ago by the local photographer in  our small rural town. We discussed how many portraits he, and after his death, his daughter, had taken of our family over the years.

We touched too on the fact that while he was the only professional shutterbug for miles around,  he was considered to be one of the best.

The best then isn't the same as now, however. Years ago portraits were formal, stiffly-posed pictures with standard arrangements and positions. Not a hair out of place, nor a pointy-toed shoe angled the wrong degree.

For families, Mom and Dad were seated with children fitted in rows behind and between them.  For weddings, bridal parties were put in formation, two rows of decked-out couples lined up behind and attractive bride and groom.

Now, people want something different, photos with personality. They prefer that at least some are more casual. Spontaneity and candid shots often give the best results.

When it comes to wedding pictures, successful photographers, while still able to fall back on the tried-and-true standards,  infuse their work with imagination.  If inspiration is needed there are many examples of fun ideas to be found online. Here are a few:

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