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Running through the news feed on my Facebook page I came upon a video from Britain's Got Talent. The entertainers in this case were a 16-year-old girl and her dog, a fluffy little white thing. Together they performed a dance routine to the theme song from The Flintstones. While the human member of this dynamic duo might be more likely to get a call from a dog trainer than go on to win the show,  it was pretty darn cute.

Let's face it, these canine friends of ours can be awfully adorable. From those woebegone, "I'm so sorry" countenances they sport when caught doing something wrong, to little idiosyncrasies like that of our office mascot Thor's barking at the bad guys on TV,  dogs are doggone cute.

Our Ani used to love 'coffee break' waiting with an expectant look on her face until I got my morning beverage and settled into my favourite reading chair before running to get her bone and scooting back to lie on the floor beside me.  It was our time. 

When my husband took a job away from home, she became my self-appointed guardian positioning herself at the top of the stairs outside the bathroom door when I would go to shower. Like a sentry on duty she stay eyes fixed on the transom above the front door until I was finished.  I know this because one of our kids, home to visit, kept a surreptitious eye on her while I was showering.  She never moved an inch.

I do miss that dog.

For all those who feel the same about their beloved best bud, whether still with them or a pleasant memory, here are some wonderful photos of dogs:

Buzzfeed 100 Dog Photos

National Geographic


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